My role as a coach is to help you discover stored-up potential energies—and help you convert that potential energy into kinetic energy.
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Building Awareness

What we are told we tend to resist; what we discover, we own.  We live in a pretty “tell-oriented” world—someone or something is often telling us what to do or think, what’s “best” for us, or what we “should” want to do.  Coaching is a different paradigm: it’s all about asking and listening. Coaching supports discovery and builds awareness primarily through asking good questions and actively  listening to your answers.  My role as a coach is not to “put into” you my knowledge and experience; it’s to “draw out” from you what’s already “in there”—to help you see it, recognize, it, understand it and own it—and get it going!

Energizing Growth

Discovery and awareness are vital—but the goal of coaching is your growth: your becoming more fully who you really are, and doing what best fits you.  There’s potential in you that you may not  yet see or may not be giving full expression to.  My role as a coach is to help you discover those stored-up potential energies—and help you convert that potential energy into kinetic energy—energy-in-motion in your life!

Sustaining Change

Let’s face it: growth and change take time and work.  Life is more like a marathon than a sprint, more like summiting a mountain than taking a stroll.  It’s one thing to have a goal; it’s another thing to actually get there!  The kind of growth you’re after is “a long obedience in the same direction”—and who doesn’t need some ongoing support, problem-solving and  encouragement along the way?  Wherever you are in your personal growth and development, a coach can come alongside and keep you motivated and moving towards your goals.  Sometimes my role is to help you in the initial stages of clarifying who you are, where you want to go, and how to make progress; other times, it’s to support you on your journey, to help keep you focused, attentive, and motivated.

Brian Emmet provides unique coaching skills that facilitate the discovery of next important steps in a person’s development. Brian’s commitment to the success of others is expressed through listening well and asking timely questions that produce clarity in self-understanding.

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Does Coaching really work?

You bet it does!  Research consistently demonstrates that productivity, skill development, morale and relationships all improve dramatically when training is combined with coaching.

  • Training alone produced a 20-25% increase; training plus coaching produced an 80-85% increase! [1]
  • MetrixGlobal LLC found that coaching produced a 529% return on investment! [2]
Client’s Perspective

Here are some comments from some of my clients about the coaching experience

It’s great, how a sensitive, kind and spiritually-mature coach can lead you into saying things that you may know but have never articulated. Each of my conversations with Brian gave me valuable new ideas or realizations about my life in God, which he somehow elicited from me. Great! Chuck

Brian has a seasoned heart and an agile mind. I value his counsel because of who I know him to be as a person. Brian listens well and is therefore able to assess the situation accurately.Jim

I’m in a season where I would like to gather sustainable energy to keep the fire of God’s love burning. Brian listened, remembered, asked questions and listened again. He then gathered pieces of my scattered self, and placed them in front of me, so that I could recognize them all as mine. Going forward, I can travel with God lighter.Anne

Brian’s heart for God, and his desire to release me into God’s best future, encouraged me. Henry